Sweet 16…


The day has come… well actually tomorrow is the big day but my little sister-in-law is turning 16! Where has time gone?! I remember the first time I met this girl, she was 7 years old and one of the first things she asked me was if I was going to be her “sissy”. It has been a joy to be part of her life these past nine years and I cannot wait to see what a wonderful woman she will become.

She knows how to make you laugh and definitely knows how to put you in your place when you are wrong. I guess that’s just a Payne thing. Ha Ha!

She is a wonderful daughter to my in-laws as well as a wonderful sister to her brother and I. More importantly she an amazing aunt to Aria. My daughter absolutely adores her aunt KeKe! Kenzie, these past nine years have been amazing and I have enjoyed watching you grow up. I look forward to the next years to come knowing that I will be able to watch you transform into a beautiful woman.

Always follow your dreams!

We love you!

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