What makes me smile…


So this is officially my first blog post and what better way to start off than to talk about what makes me smile. There are only a few things that make me smile and they are all things that are close to my heart.

  1. The Hubby.

Yes, ladies and gents that’s right… There is man in my life and his name is Ryan. He stole my heart nine years ago!! (2007) He knows how to make me laugh and smile.. but not just any kind of smile, a true smile.

2. Aria Elizabeth.

This little girl is my whole world! I seriously don’t know what I would do without my daughter. Although there is never a dull moment in our house you will definitely be entertained! Her smile and laugh makes you want to do the same.

3. Friends.

Well that’s a given, right?! I have to say I have some of the best friends. Have you ever heard the line “my friends are better than yours”? Well, in this case mine are better than yours! 🙂 Friends are hard to come by and when you find good ones you keep them forever. Most of my girlfriends are like sisters… well we actually call each other sis! Ha ha… They are there when I’m down and even when I’m at my highest.

4. Family.

Without them, none of us would know what to do honestly. I am blessed with an amazing family that gets me and supports all my dreams and aspirations!

5. Coffee.

Let’s make this very clear… A day is not complete until I’ve had at least two cups of coffee!! This girl right here loves her coffee and feels complete when I have it each day. So, if you ever want to “treat” the photographer… {{Starbucks}}!

Okay, honestly there are many things that make me smile. It would take all night to list these things out for you but I feel you got the picture. Now what is super fun in my life is when I get to do sessions with you all and get to know you. Taking pictures is so fun and captivating. I love telling a story and capturing those precious moments in time forever. Just like yesterday Aria and I visited a friend in the country and in just a few minutes I had moments that I can cherish forever. People, cherish those moments!! Love unconditionally and live life to the fullest!

Have a wonderful evening and thanks for stopping by!


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